Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wednesday 28

A: MODIFIED//Neck Tie made from cotton Keffiye (original scarf from Dump Store, Amsterdam)
B: DENHAM//Racer Jacket in Canvas-Bonded Sweat, Winter 2010 (sample)
C: DENHAM//Dexter Shirt, Spring 2010
D: White LS Tee from APC (APC Shop, Tokyo)
E: DENHAM//Army Stitched Leather Belt, Winter 2010 (sample)
F: MODIFIED//Vintage Eternamatic KonTiki Super Diver, I.D.F. Shayetet 13 Military Issue (khaki NATO from Amsterdam Watch Company): Modification by band-change only
H: MODIFIED//Vintage Bluchers Resoled with White Vibram (Bobby's of Boston + LA Shoe Supply + Amstedam Shoe Repair)