Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friday 35

A: Rayban aviator sunglasses
B: White shirt by CP Company (14oz Berlin)
C: Oilcloth Necktie by Niall Maher (Druthers Appointments)
D: MODIFIED//Vintage police suspenders (American Rag L.A.)
E: 2-ply river-driver by Visvim
F: DENHAM//Fleming Oil-Cloth Field Jacket, Spring 2010
G: MODIFIED//Current issue USAF navigator watch by Marathon Watch Co.: Modification by band-change only
I: Cotton and sterling wristband (Bob Melet, NYC)
J: MODIFIED//Vintage Deadstock Swiss Army Boots, cut to ankle (OG107, Berlin)

Thursday 34

A: DENHAM//Issue Shirt, Spring 2010 (railway ticking)
B: MODIFIED//Vintage rep tie over-painted parallel to diagonal stripe (garage sale, Antwerp)
C: G9 Baracuta x Griffin jacket
D: MODIFIED//Vintage workwear waistcoat (Spitalfields, London)
E: Sleeve garters (The English Hatter, Amsterdam)
F: DENHAM//Band Belt, Fall 2009 (black)
G: MODIFIED//Vintage Eternamatic KonTiki Super Diver (I.D.F. Shayetet 13 Military Issue): Modification by band-change only
H: Scull ring by Paul Smith (Paul Smith shop, L.A.)
J: Doc Martens steel-toes (made in England)

Wednesday 33

A: MODIFIED//Vintage Mineral-Crystal Lens Aviators w/frame adjustment by Hong Kong optical (Rose Bowl & Hong Kong Optical)
B: Cheesecloth shirt by Peachoo + Krejburg (Alan Bilzerian, Boston)
C:Vintage handloom silk tie (textile market, Bangalore, India)
D: Sportcoat by Undercover (l'Eclaireur, Paris)
E: DENHAM//Band Belt, Fall 2009 (black)
G: Black ankle boots with Itshide combat soles by Prada (Verso, Antwerp)

Tuesday 32

A: Vintage handpainted silk crepe necktie, 1950's (The Closet, Cambridge)
B: Springweight rayon shirt by Muji (Muji shop, Hong Kong)
C: DENHAM//Commission Trench Coat, Spring 2010 (black)
D: Cotton fine-knit v-neck by Martin Margiela Archive (Ennu, Amsterdam)
E: DENHAM//Band Belt, fall 2009 (black)
F: Hydromax diver by Bell & Ross
G: Cotton and sterling wristband (Bob Melet, NYC)
I: MODIFIED//Vintage Steel-Toe/Canvas-Capped Red Wings, Resoled with White Vibram (The Rose Bowl + LA Shoe Supply + Amsterdam Shoe Repair)