Friday, April 16, 2010

Tuesday 7

A: Silk Keffiye
B: Trench Coat by Paul Harnden (Alan Blizerian, Boston)
C: DENHAM//Office Shirt, Spring 2010 (khaki)
D: MODIFIED//Vintage Tie, Taped, Spray-Painted and Permanent Penned (Episode, Antwerp)
E: Vintage Khaki Waistcoat (Lady Day, Amsterdam)
F: Tweed Sportcoat by Frank Leder (RA Studio Store, Antwerp)
G: DENHAM//Army Stitched Leather Belt, Winter 2010 (sample)
H: MODIFIED//Vintage HMT British Military Mechanical Watch (Russian movement): Modification by band-change only
J: MODIFIED//Vintage Deadstock Swiss Army Boots, cut to ankle (OG107, Berlin)