Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tuesday 22

A: DENHAM//Issue Shirt in Railway Ticking, Spring 2010
B: Rervisble Sportcoat by Junya Watanabe (Juya Watanabe Shop, Hong Kong)
C: MODIFIED//Vintage Tie, stitched over center-line with vintage hat-banding (Lady Day, Amstedam)
D: DENHAM//Sander Waistcoat in Oil Cotton, Spring 2010
E: Sleeve Garters by The English Hatter (Amsterdam)
F: MODIFIED//Blancpain 50 Fathoms Military Dive Watch (Polish Navy issue '75): Modification by band-change only but watch is likely a combination of deadstock BP components
G: DENHAM//Band Belt, Winter 2009
I: MODIFIED//Vintage Steel-Toe/Canvas-Capped Red Wings, Resoled with White Vibram (The Rose Bowl + LA Shoe Supply + Amsterdam Shoe Repair)