Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tuesday 2

A: DENHAM//Office Shirt, Spring 1010 (black)
B: DENHAM//Medic Union Donkey Jacket, Winter 2010 (sample)
C: MODIFIED//Custom Tie, Onion-Quilted Silk Crepe with Full Edge Binding
D: Vintage Wool Waistcoat (The Zipper, Amsterdam)
E: DENHAM//Band Belt, Winter 2009 (black)
F: MODIFIED//Custom Sea-Fighter Bund Auto Watch by MK2 (modular military bespoke): Modification by band-change only
G: MODIFIED//Shank Trumpet Suspender Buttons
I: DENHAM//Garment Dyed Taper (un-produced proto)
J: MODIFIED//Vintage Corcoran Jump Boots, Cut Low and Resoled with White Vibram (The Rose Bowl + LA Shoe Supply + Amstedam Shoe Repair)