Friday, April 16, 2010

Thursday 14

A: MODIFIED//Vintage Deadstock N.J. Production Frames w/high-contrast lenses by Hong Kong optical (Harvard Square Optical & Hong Kong Optical)
B: DENHAM//Office Shirt, Spring 2010 (white)
C: DENHAM//Medic Intel Recut/Recycled Military Gore-Tex Sportcoat, Spring 2010
D: MODIFIED//Vintage Waistcoat converted to hand painted trumpet buttons (De Rien, Spitalfields, London)
E: MODIFIED//Vintage Tie, Taped and Spray-Painted (Episode, Antwerp)
F: MODIFIED//M.O.D. Royal Navy Auto Diver by Cabot Watch Company (R.N. issue): Modification by band-change only
H: MODIFIED//Vintage Bluchers Resoled with White Vibram (Bobby's of Boston + LA Shoe Supply + Amstedam Shoe Repair)