Friday, April 16, 2010

Monday 11

A: Interlock Shirt by Muji (Muji Store, Tokyo)
B: Wool Tie by The English Hatter (Amsterdam)
C: Vintage Military Waistcoat by J. Compton Sons & Webb, Ltd London (via Bobby's of Boston)
D: Rubberized Linen Camo Sportcoat by Evisu (Selfridges, London)
E: DENHAM//Band Belt, Winter 2009 (black)
F: MOFIDIFIED//US Airforce Issue Type 2 by Gallet & Co. (Swiss, 1988): Modification by band-change only
G: DENHAM//Dry Japanese Chino, Spring 2010 (stone)
H: Wingtip Brogues with Itshide Combat Soles by Prada (Verso, Antwerp)