Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friday 25

A: Reverse-Bleached Shirt by Issey Miyaki (Enu Shop, Amsterdam)
B: MODIFIED//Custom Tie, Onion-Quilted Silk Crepe with Full Edge Binding
C: MODIFIED//School Blazer by Child of the Jago converted to 4-button, wrinkle-washed with blackened logo (A Child of the Jago Shop, London)
D: MODIFIED: Vintage French Work Waistcoat modified with hand-painted german trumpet buttons (De Rien, Spitalfields, Lodon)
E: MODIFIED: Family Heirloom Pocket Watch with converted Alexander McQueen scull fob
F: DENHAM//Army Stitched Leather Belt, Winter 2010 (sample)
H: MODIFIED//Vintage Bluchers Resoled with White Vibram (Bobby's of Boston + LA Shoe Supply + Amstedam Shoe Repair)