Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday 20

A: MODIFIED//Vintage Mineral-Crystal Lens Aviators w/frame adjustment by Hong Kong optical (Rose Bowl & Hong Kong Optical)
B: Chambray Shirt by Omnigod (Omnigod Shop, Tokyo)
C: Vintage College Tie (Bobby's of Boston)
D: DENHAM//Scrimmage Hoodie w/Indigo Garment Dye & Italian Laundry, Winter 2010 (sample)
E: MODIFIED//Vintage Civil Uniform Sportcoat tailored and home-dyed black (De Rien, Spitalfieds, London)
F: MODIFIED//Vintage Eternamatic KonTiki Super Diver (I.D.F. Shayetet 13 Military Issue): Modification by band-change only
G: DENHAM//Band Belt, Winter 2009
I: Oxblood Original Spec. WW2 Jumpboot by Corcoran